Where I got my information

Here is a list of people that helped me to gather all information present at this time (alfabetically):
I modified all addresses to avoid spam. Three letters and horizontal lines need to be replaced by a wellknown character for mail-addresses...

Clint Chamberlin, HARRIS SEMICONDUCTOR, Mountaintop, PA.
John Combs, Johns Alaska Railroad page.
Shane G. Deemer. Department of Logistics, Ft. Hood. He has a nice page on DoD locomotives.
Curtis Fortenberry, Photographer of unit 1818 in Alaska.
Thomas Hentschel, a German rail enthousiast who is also interested in the EMD MRS-1 1818's history.
Randy Houk, member on EMD MRS-1 #1820 restauration project (see below) at the San Diego Railroad Museum
George Loughery, TDY at Ft. Eustis, and owner of the Web-pages of the USarmy Museum of Transportation at Ft. Eustis.
Tom Lundeen, railroad enthousiast, Palatine, IL
Tim Moriarty, Serving for the USarmy Railway, and railroad enthousiast.
Dick Morris, The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry
John W. Nelsen, Archivist at The ALCo Collections.
Michael Patrick (VA), another MRS-1 enthousiast.
Larry Russell, "The Locomotive Newsmagazine".
Lewis E. Wolfgang, San Diego Railroad Museum
Bob Yost, Alaska Railroad engineer and railfan.
Chris Zeitvogel

Information specific for the Alco MRS-1 units was provided by:

Todd Johnson
Bill Swindell
James L. McDaniel, MD
Steve Spisak of the Bluegrass Railroad Museum
Sean Read of the White River Scenic RR Inc.
Chris Zeitvogel
Randy Mower (website)
Bart Nadeau, Chair - Archives department (BAERA/WRM) of the Western Railway Museum
Mike Hart/Steve Rolle, unofficial site of Sierra Railroad - California's Golden Shortline / Railtown 1897.
Bret Haines.
Ron Goldfeder of the Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, Missouri

Textual References:

Except for the many Email contacts, I had some 'paper data' available also (some of which I got from my E-mail correspondents, for which I thank them very much):

If you know of other pictures of these machines, or you know more about them, especially the information concerning No.1818, please let me know. I would be very gratefull.

Stefan Nicolaļ (stef -at- thisdomain)