What's new?
(since january 8, 1999)

This website already exists since 1996, but it's only now that I decided that a 'new'-page would be interesting to have, since the site is getting larger...

january 7, 2008: I'll need to do a lot of update, and maybe completely renew the site... my promise for 2008...

february 2002: Update for EMD MRS-1 1718/1818

november 29 2000: Update for EMD MRS-1 1718/1818, new pictures for EMD MRS-1 1811 and info & picture for Alco MRS-1 2108

may 16 2000: Pictures of our preserved EMD MRS-1 1818 taken by Pat Durand on may 8, 2000 during a visit to Clear Site AFB

march 2000: Information added on Uruguayan ALCo MRS-1's and ALCO RSD-1's

...And the page on the preservation action for EMD MRS-1 unit 1818 is changing constantly...

October 1, 1999: Link to photo's of Alco's 2058 and 2066.
Information on preservation action for 2085 and 2090 added.

January 25, 1999: some new evolutions on 1818, and some more support links on the action.

January 20, 1999: 'guestbook' added to the preserve EMD MRS-1 1718/1818-page.
Everyone who thinks this locomotive should be preserved should add his name here!

January 19, 1999: Page added to initiate the internet part of action to preserve EMD MRS-1 1718/1818.

January 12, 1999: On George Elwood's website, I found a picture of Alco MRS-1 2085 of the Eastern Shore Railroad, a picture of Alco RSD-1 8679 and a, yet unidentified, RSC-1 of the United States Pipe & Foundary. Thanks George to let me use these!
On Clint Chamberlins website, I located two pictures of shrouded ARR RSD-1's, and of  RSD-1 8669 of the TN Valley RR. All these pictures can be found on the RSD-1 page.
Link to picture of Alco MRS-1 2086 added.

January 10, 1999: Missing paragraph on the Alco RSD-1 page completed and pictures of ARR Alco RSD-1's added.

January 8, 1999: I added some pictures of Alco MRS-1 2069 to it's page.